Golden Knight City

Golden Knight City

The first business of Awan Media Production Group is Golden Knight City for television and cinematography.

It suits all eras and diverse environments, which was a point of distinction

and attraction for cooperation with local and Arab production institutions

such as: Rotana, Al-Manar TV, Al-Arabiya Cinema, Arab Screen, Aag, Sama,

Qaband, Beirut International Center, Sora Art Production, Bana, Golden Line

and others. And it was a destination for the largest works that require simulating the old real environment, such as the Bab Al-Hara series with its parts, Asaad Al-Warraq, Zaman Al-Barghout..

Among the various works that were filmed in the city of Al-Fares Al-Thahabi: Qamar Bani Hashem, Al Saeron niaman.. and the movie

“Selina” and other productions of the major production companies in Syria and the Arab world

The city also contains four photography studios equipped with all modern technologies.

Studio 1:

With an area of 400 square meters, attached to a studio for shooting advertisements with an area of ​​an additional 100 square meters.

Studio 2:

With an area of 3,000 square meters, it consists of alleys, squares and markets.

Studio 3:

It is the largest, with an area of 10,000 square meters. It is a heritage village with its squares, alleys and shops intended for interior photography.

Studio 4:

Bab Al-Hara Studios are located on an area of approximately 7000 square meters, and it is a mixture of alleys and popular markets in the old Damascene style.